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The development stages of children and adolescents differ greatly from that of adults.  As I’m sure you know, this is especially evident in their attention span and their energy level!  For this reason, it is often ideal to have a child specialist work with your child or teen.  A specialist can incorporate activities and play into counseling that helps your child or teen retain the information worked on throughout the counseling session.  They can also guide parents and legal guardians in parenting techniques to reinforce material learned in the counseling session. 


New Client Paperwork for Children & Teens

There is an intake form titled “Informed Consent Form for Minors” that we ask each prospective client’s legal guardian(s) to complete prior to the minor’s initial appointment (this is in addition to our standard registration packet, which you can access here). You can access this form by selecting the hyperlink below:

We strongly recommend you fill out this form ahead of time so that you have time to attain the information required for the provider to see your child or teen. If you are unable to complete the packet beforehand, please plan to arrive 20 minutes early so that this packet can be completed without interrupting session time.  Blank packets will be printed on colored paper and located on clipboards in our office lobby. 

Additional notes regarding your first appointment:

  • If custody is shared by separated and/or divorced parents, BOTH parents must sign the documents prior to the child being seen. If rights have been terminated, or a parent does not have any say in treatment, documentation of this is necessary in order to provide treatment. 
  • If the child is under a guardianship order, the legal guardian must be present when the child is seen.
  • For minors in custody of the Missouri Division of Family Services, you must provide a copy of the placement letter from DFS on their letterhead indicating your (legal) ability to make healthcare decisions on the minor’s behalf.
  • If you have temporary custody or permanent guardianship over the minor, you are required to provide proof of guardianship paperwork at or before the first visit.
  • It is important to bring any legal documents that have been drafted (custody agreements, adoption papers, orders of protection, guardianship documents, DFS documents, pertinent police reports filed, etc.) to this first appointment.  


Other Important Forms

Prior to your first appointment you may want to review our financial policies and other important forms and documents by CLICKING HERE.  If you have any further questions, please contact our front office at 314-849-2120.