LifePointe Counseling, LLC provides high quality mental health care services.  We believe that a large part of our high quality service is that we address the entire person: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  We acknowledge that each of these four areas are impacted by each other.  For example, if we are emotionally drained, we may feel physically, mentally and spiritual out of sync. We are dedicated to providing our clients excellent Christian mental health counseling and psychiatry in a safe environment.  We believe this safe environment allows individuals and couples of all ages to work through the pain and brokenness which prevents them from experiencing more satisfaction and joy in life. Our hope is that you will find our unique integration of Christian therapy and psychiatric services to be extremely helpful.  Our goal is to help each person experience hope, healing, forgiveness and restoration in key relationships with others and with God.


We are a Christ-centered team
providing quality mental health
care and supportive therapies
with dignity, faith, and wisdom.

All of our staff (licensed professional counselors and psychiatrists) are committed Christians who are fully credentialed and professionally trained. They are dedicated to providing Christian counseling and psychiatric evaluations and follow up in a safe environment.  Our desire is that every hurting person who seeks out our services, can work through the issues that are robbing them of satisfaction and joy in life through talk therapy and medication when necessary.

Our entire staff, professional and administrative, is committed to giving you the best care possible.  So, no matter what your struggle is, we’re here to offer the support you and/or your loved ones need.