We are OPEN!  Our counselors and doctors are doing either in person or phone sessions right now (it depends on the Provider) so please call Kate in the front office if you have any questions about your scheduled appointment (314) 849-2120.  If you do a phone session, be ready to pay by phone immediately following your session. (Our hours and availability answering the phone might be affected). 


All of us experience anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger and depression at times in our lives. This is the consequence of what happened in the Garden of Eden, when the first man and woman, Adam and Eve sin entered the world. Because of the first, or original sin, each of us will sin: We will sometimes make mistakes, we will suffer and get sick, and others will betray us because of their own sin. The emotions mentioned above are “normal” considering that we continue to live in a broken world.  But sometimes we experience a depression that won’t go away, anxiety that seems insurmountable, and worry, guilt, anger or any number of other emotions that seem to dominate our lives. On one hand, we believe there must be more to life because God’s word tells us so, but on the other hand, we may question “where is God in my pain?”  We may try to medicate our pain through alcohol, drugs, sex or even work or church. Other times we might think if we just pray more, read our Bible more, go to church more, that our struggles will just go away. After all, these are good things to do, right?


We are a Christ-centered team
providing quality mental health
care and supportive therapies
with dignity, faith, and wisdom.

However, there may be times when we just cannot seem to “get our lives together,” and it’s during those times that we seek out help from a trusted person and organization. LIFEPOINTE COUNSELING, with our CARING and COMMITTED staff, wants to be a resource for you.  And with our licensed therapists, as well as adult and child/adolescent psychiatrists, we believe we can help you.  While we know seeking counseling can be difficult, our hope is for you to discover more of what it means to be created in the image of God.  We won’t promise a life free from pain, because we do not believe that is biblical, but we do promise to do our part in assisting you in becoming more aware of the presence of God in the midst of whatever journey or difficulty you are walking.

Counseling Position Available

LifePointe Counseling, LLC is a multi-disciplinary faith based mental health agency in South St. Louis County.  We are currently seeking a fully licensed counselor or psychologist, with preference to providers who specialize in adolescent therapy and family counseling.

Providers who are already on health insurance panels are preferred, but not required.  We are seeking compassionate individuals who are able to effectively integrate mental health concepts with the faith backgrounds of a mainly Christian client population. 

LifePointe Counseling provides in-depth administrative support including intake, electronic scheduling and billing, credit card processing, first level collections, and office supplies.  We also have two staff psychiatrists (adolescent and adult) that will provide medication management services to your clients.

Income is percentage based with a healthcare plan available for full-time employees. Interested individuals should email letter of interest and resume to LifePointeSTL@gmail.com or fax to 314-729-1953.