We all reach a point in our life where we feel anxious, depressed, or even just “stuck”; living in a broken world tends to have this effect on us.  To be human means that we will sometimes make mistakes, we will be hurt by others, we will suffer.  We all try to manage these negative experiences in some way, whether it is by trying our hardest to “get it together”, withdrawing deeper and deeper into despair and loneliness, and/or everything in between.  To be human also means that God created us for more.  Through His power and His resources He can bring true healing.  LifePointe Counseling, LLC aims to be one of these resources for you.


We are a Christ-centered team
providing quality mental health
care and supportive therapies
with dignity, faith, and wisdom.

Our staff is comprised of committed Christians who are all fully credentialed and professionally trained. We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent Christian mental health counseling and psychiatry that addresses the entire person: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  We aim to create a safe environment that allows individuals and couples of nearly all ages to work through the brokenness that prevents them from experiencing satisfaction and joy in life.  Many clients have found our unique integration of Christian therapy and psychiatric services to be extremely helpful. Our goal is to help people begin to experience the true forgiveness, healing, and joy that God desires.